These are the rules. If you do not agree, DO NOT JOIN.

New England Hunters Network is a place to discuss New England Outdoors topics, learn, and exchange ideas. All Hunters/Fishermen/women/Trappers are welcome to contribute to, learn from, and join our community. In an effort to make our forums a fun and enjoyable experience for all, we require that the following simple rules and guidelines be read and obeyed as a required condition to using this board and services.

1. Registration to New England Hunters Network is free. All users must abide by the rules and policies detailed below. Use of New England Hunters Network implies consent to these rules. If you do not agree to these rules and/or would like to cancel your registration, contact the administrator.

2. Registration is a MANUAL process. Email admin @ (remove the spaces surrounding the @ sign when you type the address) with your REAL name, state (not required to live in New England states), and desired screen name. Note there are many forums but until registration, you cannot view them.

3. The moderators will activate you are attempting to make sure you are not a spammer as we have had significant spammer issues.

4. Although the administrators and moderators of New England Hunters Network will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author and the owners/operators/moderators of New England Hunters Network will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

5. By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise in violation of any laws.

6. The owners and/or moderators of New England Hunters Network reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

7. ANTI''s/ Anti-Hunters, Anti-Trappers, and/or Anti Fishing advocates are expressly forbidden from contributing or taking part in the exchange of information on this site (The domain and all related activities under - without exception. This includes registration. If you find yourself in error, advise the administrators asap and you will be deactivate. Your views, again without exception, do not contribute in a positive way towards the purpose of this site, and you are not welcome here.

8. Users are not to share user accounts/names. Accounts are for a single user, the user that signed up. Those sharing accounts will have their account terminated immediately.

9. GUIDES, HUNTING/FISHING/TRAPPING RELATED BUSINESSES (Worldwide), and other businesses OWNED AND LOCATED IN NEW ENGLAND ONLY (example would be say real estate companies with hunting properties etc), feel free to promote your services here in the appropriate forum (Trading Post). The only exception to this rule is promotion of a site that is a direct competitor of New England Hunters Network which means fishing/trapping/hunting chat forums.

10. Commercial Operations/Companies, New England Owned and Operated are permitted ONE (1) post in the Trading Post. The post MAY be edited regularly at the business'' discretion to reflect specials, sales etc. (however deleting the old post and putting up a new one is more effective as it becomes visible to all users) We HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU USE THE SUBJECT LINE FOR NAME OF BUSINESS AND WHAT SERVICE/PRODUCT YOU OFFER. We expect you will also take part in the forum of course and not be a slug and just post an advertisement then leave (it will be deleted, trust us)

11. Guides and outfitters are considered an asset to this site. If you don''t agree with the use of guides or outfitters, that is fine and it is your opinion. If a guide or outfitter posts their service in the Trading Post inviting users to check out their web site, let them do so. Hopefully down the road they will offer a few pointers. Guides and outfitters offer a wealth of information and we want them visiting the site on a regular basis.

12. Bashing of posts in the trading post section will result in removal of the post by moderators.

13. The myriad of small businesses that support Hunting/Trapping/Fishing (and small business in general) in New England are an asset to us all and knowing who they are and where they are all located makes our lives easier and contributes to getting this country back on track.

14. ON TOPIC POSTING Please keep your post in the appropriate topic area. If you find that your post was deleted or moved, it is because we deemed it inappropriate to the section in which you posted, or it was in violation of one of the other rules. Even the moderators and admins post something in the wrong section once in a while and correct each other so do not take offense if your post was moved somewhere.

15. Stay on topic. News items, articles, and poll topics are for discussing the item in question.

16. If you would like to discuss something else or with one particular individual, please start a new topic or take your discussion to the private message system.

17. We have set up an Off Topic section for open discussion which is located under the heading, RENDEZVOUS - please post your non-hunting related topics there.

18. Like many things in life, people will be more willing to help you with your questions or respond to your posts, if you contribute to theirs. Share the knowledge that you have and board members will respond in kind.

19. NO POLITICS No Politics. READ THIS-NO POLITICS. The only voting/political/election issues that will be tolerated and supported on this board are those that support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms under the 2nd Amendment, those that support the responsible practice of Hunting/Fishing/Trapping. Moderators will determine if such posts comply and will delete those that do not.

**Please read the above AGAIN and don't get huffy if your post is removed when it doesn't comply. Don't whine when a political post dealing with guns, hunting, etc. is left and not removed as it COMPLIES. Read this again-trust us, many folks FORGET or do not read #19!!!

20. ADVERTISING and LINKS No Advertising outside of the Trading Post section. This includes but is not limited to posting links, photos, or text with the intent to:
-Increase traffic to your web site.
- Sell a product or service.
-If you wish to share your products or services with readers via a SINGLE LINK in your signature AND you have made 20 or more real posts on the board AND the business is owned/operated in NEW ENGLAND or is hunting/fishing/trapping related (directly), you may do so. All others, please feel free to use the FREE Trading Post section or you will be banned/removed/blocked etc.

21. Any advertising posts in inappropriate areas will be deleted and user account of the poster may be banned.

22. If you post a link to your website that offers goods or services in your Trading Post ad or in your signature, a reciprocal link from your website to is required.

23. HARASSMENT No harassment. This includes but is not limited to:
- Excessive posting at a particular user or on a particular topic (flame wars).
- Using disrespectful, obscene, abusive, hateful, or foul language.
-Slandering users on the board, either in public forums or via personal messaging (pm)

We look to promote a comfortable place for folks who enjoy the New England Outdoors to exchange ideas. Differences of opinions are welcome and are an important part of this format. We do not, however, tolerate those that try to start an argument with every post. If you are looking to agitate people, simply to get a response or if you are a troller, this is not the place for you. Warnings are issued and if the behavior continues, moderators can and will revoke posting privileges. It has and likely will continue to happen. There are plenty of outdoors boards where you can post and show what an idiot you are... post there, not here or you will likely find your login failing. This board is a direct result of several crappy boards where such antics, politics/sports wars and other non outdoors related posting take place.

24. No personal attacks if you disagree with someone, state your case intelligently and back it up with facts. Violators will be warned or banned. DO NOT HARASS PEOPLE WITH EMAIL OR VIA PM WHEN YOU HAVE A DISAGREEMENT ON THE FORUM.

25. Do not try to solve personal problems live on the forum. Most of the members aren't interested in watching you and someone else resolve your problems in a public forum. If you are concerned about an interaction with someone and are interested in resolving it, send him or her an email or PM(if they offer an email address in their forum profile). If you don''t get a response, just let it go, they may not be interested in communicating with you.

26. Please keep in mind that deleting, moving, editing or locking of your post is not intended to be an attack or insult. We have been managing online forums, Live Chat, and Web Sites for a number of years. These actions are usually to keep the peace, keep the interaction on the board friendly, comply with board policy or even laws, or to keep content in the appropriate section.

27. Don't "call out" or insult the moderators on the forum. The moderators are volunteers and choose to moderate. You may not agree with all their decisions but they have been chosen because they have shown good judgment in the past and a sensible demeanor. If you have problems with a moderator, email admin @

28. All questions concerning New England Hunting Network policies and management are addressed offline via email, pm, or telephone. Comments concerning deleted post, posting privilege suspensions or other matters of the administrative/moderation nature that are posted will be deleted.

29. If you have a question about policy, please email or PM one of our moderators. Again, don''t take your problems to the forum - they will be deleted.

30. VULGARITY/RACISM/SEXUAL JOKES Vulgarity in general will not be tolerated. The are a few colorful words we occasionally let slide, but their overuse will result in a warning and its best not to test how far you can go. There are a few that never need to be used “ we don't need to mention them."

31. Persons of all ages and backgrounds (and states LOL) view this board so please use common sense when posting. Also, please use the letter R when it occurs in sentences, not everyone in the world is from New England.

32. No jokes of a sexual nature, just don't post them. We know some are funny, but there are young folk that browse our forum and we want to set a positive example. We are not pansy's, trust me. We just want to try and contribute positively to kids. You like that kind of stuff, go to the other boards where you can post dirty jokes and talk politics-this place is for hunting/trapping/fishing.

33. No racism of any kind will be tolerated. Violators will be banned immediately.

34. ILLEGAL ACTS HUNTING/FISHING/TRAPPING Discussion of illegal acts etc. while partaking in the outdoors is not tolerated except in the case of questioning how to deal with such acts etc. Offending posts will be removed, may result in banning and/or a visit from your local warden.

35. Conservation Officers/Game Wardens from New England States, Western US States, AND ELSEWHERE ARE MEMBERS, do visit these boards, and are welcome here. As posters they can provide insight and information for clarity in context.

36. Please note that users of Hunting Chat boards in New England have received personal visits from Wardens to include visits for hunts they took part in out West!

37. COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS Do not copy and paste articles or photos/video/audio from other publications to this site without express permission of the owner. It is a COPYRIGHT VIOLATION to do so without permission of the copyright owner (as well as being rude to the person who took the photo or wrote the article).

38. If you want to reference an article on another web site, post a link, ask for the authors permission, etc.

39. IMAGES Please take care with the physical and data size of your images. everyone does not a a T1 Link at their house or a 3 foot flat panel monitor for their computer. Some people are actually on DSL and have normal monitors!

40. This includes logos, photos and other graphics. No more than 1 row of thumbnail images are allowed in signatures when viewed on a 13" monitor. If you want 4 or 5 logos in your signature, reduce their size to fit in 1 row. A row of signature images should not cause the screen to scroll horizontally.

41. Limit your photo size. If they make the screen scroll, they are too large. 640x640 pixels is the maximum size allowed through technical means on this board. Public photo services such as photobucket provide facilities to resize etc. Please recognize that many users are on slow Internet connections and thus have extreme difficulty reading pages with large amounts of big images.

42. Please maintain a personal copy of any image you may upload (if you are permitted to do so) for avatars, to post an entry, etc. New England Hunters Network is not responsible for said images should they become lost or destroyed.

***These rules may be updated at anytime and without express notice. It is the responsibility of all users to keep current with these rules***


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***These rules may be updated at anytime and without express notice. It is the responsibility of all users to keep current with these rules***